Why is the Low Season the Best Time to Visit Kenya?

Kenya is known worldwide for its diverse wildlife, rich cultural history, beautiful coastline and incredible African safari adventures. It offers local and international tourists endless activities year-round, whether in the dry or wet seasons. As such, there is no clear best time to visit the country.

The best time to visit Kenya depends on various things. It could be your budget or what you intend to see while on vacation. There is time to see the great Wildebeest migration, climb, trek, and swim.

In this blog, we will look at Kenya’s low tourism season and why it could be the best time for the whole family to visit Kenya.

When is the Low Season in Kenya?

Off-peak tourism seasons in Kenya fall between April and June and October to December. These periods are characterised by rainfall, which makes them unattractive for most travellers. As such, you’ll find very few local and international tourists trying to explore beautiful Kenya.

It doesn’t mean the low seasons are not the best time to travel. Contrary, it offers tourists a unique experience and several advantages. Let’s dive into why the low season is the best time to visit Kenya.

Benefits of Visiting Kenya During the Low Seasons

Here are the perks of visiting Kenya during the low seasons.

Lower Costs and Best Service

Thanks to the high demand, peak seasons in Kenya feature high accommodations and safari costs. Most people will usually avoid going on trips during this time, especially if they are working with a low budget. The good news is that off-season trips are affordable.

Off-seasons experience low traffic, so tour and accommodation companies experience client shortages. Consequently, most will reduce their prices by up to 40% to attract the limited number of clients. You’ll find the best hotels and lodges going for very low pricing.

Additionally, the low number of guests means you get undivided attention and the best services. You get the chance to feel like royalty.

Fewer Crowds and Less Heat

Everyone wants to have a wholesome and engaging African safari. If you are travelling to Kenya, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, you may find it hard. During the peak season, the game parks like Maasai Mara and the best beaches in Kenya are filled.

Touring Kenya during the low season lets you enjoy and connect with nature. You’ll enjoy a more private safari with little human interaction. You’ll not have to struggle to see the animals or a picturesque view and will immerse yourself fully into the experience.

Lastly, the rainy off-season is the best time to travel if you don’t do well in intense heat. The weather is rainy, and you’ll not have to deal with the scorching dry season heat.

Plenty of Wildlife

With the rains come lush green sceneries and a lot of food and water for animals. As such, many in the Serengeti will start their journey into Masai Mara, and all the parks will have a fresh spring of life. You’ll get entertained by numerous herds grazing the grasslands and trying to avoid the hungry predators stalking them. You’ll enjoy some of the best wild animal fights!

Most animals will also give birth to young ones, making it the perfect time to see the cute young ones. Watch as little antelopes and gazelles go from wobbling in one minute and taking quick runs in a few hours. It is also the best time to catch a glimpse of little cubs and pups.

Best Photography

What is a complete African safari without the best photographs and videos to capture the magical moments? Take unique photos with a healthy and lively green background, different from the dry seasons, and brag about your skills.

Plenty of food also means plenty of animals visiting watering holes and rivers, giving you endless options for photos. The limited number of visitors also means you don’t have to worry about competing for the best spot for a shot.

Wait till your eyes feast on the intense sunsets!

Tour Kenya During the Low Season

While most people will advise you to visit Kenya during the dry season, the wet season offers much more. You’ll get lower pricing on accommodation, safaris and transport and enjoy more private safaris with little crowds. All this, together with the perfect shots and plenty of wildlife, makes an ultimate African tour.

If you want more information about tourism and travel in Kenya, please visit our Destinations Kenya blog.


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