Top 8 Best Places for Go-Karting in Kenya

Bring out the speedster in you in one of Kenya’s Go-Karting tracks.   It’s all about screeching tires, roaring engines, and burning fuel- a fun day out for any speed enthusiast.

Go-karting lets you put your foot on the pedal minus breaking the law. You’ll access several race tracks stretching kilometres, where you can race your friends and family for the ultimate bragging rights.

If you are looking for the most thrilling go-karting spot in Kenya, this article is for you. Let’s get you started!

Common Rules Across Places for Go-Karting in Kenya

While places to go go-karting in Kenya let you push the limits of the cars, they have some rules you must follow. Here are the most common:

  • Drivers must wear driving-appropriate shoes(usually closed-toe)
  • You must wear protective gear
  • Adults must accompany under 18s

8 Best Places to Go Go-Karting in Kenya

1. Whistling Moran

Race on one of Africa’s longest go-karting tracks. It boasts a course of more than a kilometre in length and 8 metres in width. The challenge worthy-track features uneven terrain and sharp corners, making the racing more fun.

Spectators will access an elevated viewing point with refreshments and power outlets near the pit. You’ll also access a shop to buy souvenirs, spares and kart gear.

Whistling Moran is not only the best place to go go-karting in Nairobi. It is also an entry point for anyone wanting to enter motorsports. It is a safe, cheap avenue that won’t leave a huge dent in your pocket.

Whistling Moran is located in Athi River, Machakos County(a few kilometres outside Nairobi).

2. GP Karting

GP Karting is the oldest go-karting circuit in Kenya and arguably one of the busiest. It is located along Carnivore road off Lang’ata road, making it ideal for anyone in the city. Its cheap pricing also makes it one of the best budget-friendly activities to do in Nairobi.

GP Karting offers various racing events for everyone who wants to compete. They hold Top Kart showdown, junior karting series, Saturday night racing, arrive and drive. If you want to enjoy the tracks alone or exclusively with friends, you can go for private karting.

You’ll also enjoy other activities like paintballing on the premises.

3. TGRV Circuit

Go full throttle in a high-spec 270cc kart, like in any world-class kart racing centre. The Great Rift Valley Circuit offers a high-quality experience with the best karts and challenging circuits. Expect five hairpins, a 260m straight and a deceptive loop.

If you are looking for the best outdoor activities outside Nairobi, TGRV outdoor racing is for you. Some races you or the kids can participate in include TGRV arrive and drive, championship, endurance challenge, and SWS arrive and drive.

TGRV claims to be an international standard facility that offers go-karting in Kenya. You’ll also access activities such as ziplining, sundowners and guided walks.

Don’t be shocked to see cars and bikes on the circuit.

4. Mombasa Go-Kart

Reach speeds of up to 66 km/hr on Swiss Hutless karts at the Mombasa Go Kart. It is located along Mombasa-Malindi Road and offers the best activities in Mombasa. Its tracks run about 500m and feature flood lights for the petrol heads who want to race at night.

Mombasa Go-kart allows adults and children to drive and race, except that kids’ speeds stay lower than 10 km/hr. They monitor the speeds and display the accurately measured lap times on monitors.

5. Mad Max Karting at Two Rivers

Located in one of Kenya’s largest malls, Two Rivers, Mad Max karting offers Nairobi residents a thrilling 400m circuit. It is open throughout the week to everyone, from kids to adults. However, they have a minimum height requirement of 121.9cm.

Get your gear, and show your family you are the real racer. You can also enroll in classes to sharpen your go-karting skills.

6. Chaka Ranch

The Chaka Ranch Leisure Park is a fun-filled facility located in Kiganjo. It features a high-speed racing track and an array of karts in the 200cc and 2700cc engine categories, making it the dream destination for any go-karting lover in Kenya.

Explore the 700m long and 8m wide tarmac track and face the challenging bends and corners. The series of S bends will exhilarate any fast-moving racer and challenge even the best.

7. Thunder Karts

Just off exit 15A, headed to Nairobi, you’ll find a stimulating high-octane racing facility with some of the best karts in Kenya. The murram circuit goes through a refreshingly prepared area that gives you a refreshing experience. Novice riders and kids can comfortably use the slab racing circuit.

Thunder Karts is a must-visit for any adrenaline junkies in Nairobi and Kiambu.

8. Eastern Ark Hotel

Another great go-karting place outside Nairobi is the Eastern Ark Hotel on Kangundo Road after Malaa. The exquisite hotel offers fun family activities, with go-karting as one of the most interesting. They offer a serene environment and a circuit with sharp corners to challenge everyone.

You’ll also access bouncing castles and slides for the kids.

Quench your Speed Thirst in a Go-karting Place in Kenya

Kenya is home to several places to go go-karting. These places offer different types of circuits and karts, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll access bumpy dirt circuits that challenge your control or tarmacked ones offering a smooth ride.

You’ll also face challenging bends and corners that force you to break or use technique. It makes the perfect family-engaging activity to create bonds.

If you are looking for more fun activities to do in Kenya, Destination Kenya got you. Visit our blog for the best fun activities and places to visit as a family in Kenya.


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