Top 5 fun things to do in Eldoret

The beautiful town of Eldoret, located in western Kenya, is the capital of Uasin Gishu county. Eldoret, colloquially known as ‘Sisibo‘,  derives its name from the Massai word eldore, which means “stony river.” It is Kenya’s fifth-largest city and home to the third-largest airport, Eldoret International Airport.

The town is a well-known sports tourist destination known for its exceptional high altitude conditions, perfect for long-distance runners. 

Curious about what to do in this splendid town? Here are the top five fun things to do in Eldoret:

Chepkiit Waterfalls

The word Chepkiit means ‘view from above.’ It is located around two kilometres south of Eldoret International Airport on the Eldoret-Kapsabet route. The waterfall is an ideal location for a lovely picnic or a bird-watching adventure. It is one of nature’s wonders, sculpted from the majestic Great Rift Valley slopes.

It has four points of view that deliver exceptional views of the Sosiani River and the encircling biodiversity. You also get to watch the river running gently before the stony edge of the rock disappears downwards. 

It is home to many wild creatures and rocks, and indigenous trees, making it a picturesque spot to chill.

It is great for picnics, camping, weddings, and educational visits. It costs Sh200 for Kenyan adults, Sh100 for children, and Sh500 for non-Kenyans to visit the picturesque waterfalls. However, as is the case with all waterfalls, one has to practice a lot of precaution at all times.

Koromosho Falls

Koromosho Falls is a fascinating attraction located on the outskirts of Eldoret, concealed by the sumptuous nature from inquiring eyes. The name Koromosho is a Maasai word for monkey. The falls hide a huge cave behind its waterfalls.

According to local legend, the elderly members of the Kalenjin community periodically committed suicide at the falls. They felt that they had overestimated their society’s productivity and didn’t want to be viewed as a burden on their families financial resources.

 By visiting the unquestionably magnificent Koromosho Falls, you can learn about this and many other secrets and stories. The entry charges are Ksh 200 per head.

Poa place gardens 

Poa Place Gardens is a well-manicured garden that provides tourists with stunning scenery and a tranquil setting. It’s one of the most beautiful views in Eldoret, and it’s only 1 kilometre from the Eldoret Golf Club. The entrance fee to the park is Ksh 150 for adults and Ksh 80 for kids.

The park has several animals such as crocodiles, lions, snakes, peacocks, lions, monkeys, and much more. In addition, the nature and culture centre offers you a chance to experience the traditional lifestyles of several communities of Kenya in the traditional huts.

Explore Mt. Elgon National Park

Mt. Elgon National Park, the eighth tallest mountain in Africa and 169 kilometres broad, contains over five caverns. As soon as you walk through the gate, you begin to notice various animals. Zebras, buffaloes, bushbuck, and the white and black colobus monkeys are among the animals that provide insights.

Explore the forest, visit the elephant caves, and use the park’s bike and hiking trails. For adults, the entrance charge is Kshs 250, while for children, the fee is Kshs 100.

Kerio Valley

 One of the most striking features of the Great Rift Valley is Kerio Valley. The process by which it was created is fantastic and legendary. It descends 4,000 feet and is located between the towns of Eldoret and Iten, making it a popular tourist destination. 

It is believed that the Tugen and Keiyo communities were involved in an ongoing boundary dispute and that a god known as Ilat became enraged by the frequent brawls and struck hard on the earth to restrict Keiyo land from Tugen land, therefore putting a stop to the strife.

The ground in Kerio Valley is covered with dry thorn bushes, whereas the slopes are covered with semi-tropical vegetation. Those fortunate enough to visit the Kerio Valley National Reserve will also see the Torok Falls and the Chebloch Gorge, which are spectacular. 

Visitors to the reserve can witness the elephant migration and other wildlife populations such as crocodiles, leopards, buffalo, warthog, bushbuck, and waterbuck. The reserve also has a crocodile breeding colony.


Eldoret has plenty to offer that we wouldn’t capture its delights in a single piece. Which additional places in our list do you believe ought to be mentioned? Please let us know in the comment box.


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