Top 5 exciting things to do in Nyanza
Things to do in Nyanza

Home to a World Heritage Site, a plethora of flora and fauna, and the largest tropical freshwater lake globally, Nyanza has a lot to show in Kenya’s beauty. The region has six counties rich in exquisite and diverse cultures that are great destinations for exploration.

If you are thinking of fun and exciting things to do, fret not. We have compiled for you the top five things to do in Nyanza for an unforgettable experience.

1.Visit historical and cultural sites.

Nyanza hosts many archeological sites that are a great testament to the artistic greatness attained by our ancestors. Visiting these sites creates a better understanding of our rich Kenyan culture, religion, and ancestors. A good example is the Kisumu Museum.

Kisumu Museum

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The museum showcases a collection of local flora and fauna and exhibits of traditional Luo artifacts and homesteads. It is situated along the Kisumu-Kericho highway.

The most observable animals in the museum gardens are mainly amphibians and reptiles. They include different species of tortoise, crocodiles, and snakes such as vipers and pythons. There is also an aquarium showing different types of freshwater fish.

Apart from the Kisumu museum, there are other great historical and cultural sites you can visit. They include Thimlich Ohinga, a World Heritage Site, Kit Mikayi, St. Theresa Cathedral, and the Equator sign.

2.Experience Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area and the world’s largest tropical freshwater lake. It has famous islands, which are great destinations in Kenya for an experience of a lifetime.

These breathtaking islands include Rusinga Island, Rubondo Island, Mfangano Island, Ukerewe Island, and Ssese Island. These are fantastic places to go for boat rides, fishing trips, bird watching, swimming, and hiking.

Get to discover the history of the oldest Roman Church, the European-style-built Chief’s palace. The thick rainforest and white beaches provide refreshing and tranquil getaways in the lake region.

3.Game viewing at Ruma Park

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The park was initially established to protect the indigenous population of rare roan antelopes that exist nowhere else in Kenya. As such, it is dubbed as the “Last retreat of the roan antelope.”

Located 42 kilometers from Homabay, it boasts of being the only terrestrial park in Nyanza.

Ruma national park has an undiscovered and unspoiled wildlife treasure that offers game lovers a thrilling game drive experience. They get the pleasure of seeing black rhinos, roan antelopes, buffaloes, impalas, baboons, bohor reedbuck, vervet monkeys, honey badgers, hyenas, Rothchild’s giraffe, and oribi, to name a few.

The scenic beauty and sundowners leave the visitors with a feeling of tranquility and peace of meditation. Other game viewing places include Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Mamba village Kisumu, and Lake Kanyaboli.

4.Bird watching at Lake Simbi Nyaima

The mythical saline lake is located close to Kendu bay town, a one-hour thirty-minute drive from Kisumu. The locals narrate many mysterious stories about the lake and also believe that the water has medicinal properties that can cure skin diseases due to its alkaline state.

It is a haven for bird watchers. It supports a variety of bird populations that include Egyptian geese, flamingos, and little egrets.

5.Hiking and Trekking at Ndere Island

Delve into the poise and the striking beauty of the hidden Ndere Island National park. Located on Lake Victoria, the island has a spectacular view of the Africa fauna.

The well-maintained walking trails of Homa hills offer breathtaking views of Lake Victoria, Magere Island and a sneak peek of Kampala, Uganda. The island also has camping grounds. The lake’s gentle wind makes you feel fresh and full of cheer. Other hiking regions include the Kajulu hills and Manga hills.

The park allows for camping options for road trips and camping lovers. The campsites available include Nyati special campsite, Twiga campsite, and Fig tree public campsite, to mention a few.

Parting shot

From visiting archeological sites to enjoying the Lakeshore’s scenic views, there are many things you can do in Nyanza. Most of these places are budget-friendly if you plan to go with family, a group of friends, or even solo.

Do let us know in the comment section below your best experience in Nyanza.


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