Top 5 budget-friendly destinations in Kenya

Magical destinations ideal for a budget-traveller 

1. Giraffe centre

Do you want to feed or get up and close with giraffes? The Giraffe Center, famously known for being the home of the Rothschild giraffe, should be on your bucket list. Apart from getting your hands licked by a giraffe, you will learn about the centre’s conservation efforts. The staff are very knowledgeable, and entry fees go as low as kshs 400 for adults and kshs 200 for children who are citizens.

2. Thompson Falls

Thompson falls are named after Joseph Thompson, the first European explorer to set eyes on the magnificent falls located on the Ewaso Nyiro river. You can climb down approximately 200m to the bottom of the falls and pick up guiding maps from the curio shops located around the entrance. These maps will guide you to the highest hippo pools found upstream of the river Ewaso Nyiro. The entrance fees for Kenyan citizens are kshs 100 for adults and kshs 50 for children.

3. Lord Egerton Castle

Located some 14 kilometres from Nakuru town lies the magnificent Lord Egerton Castle. The heartbreaking story of love and betrayal makes Lord Egerton Castle an ideal destination for history lovers. The story is of Lord Maurice Egerton, born in a royal family of Lords in 1874, who bought land from the Delamare family and settled down to pursue agriculture. As an offspring of the royal lineage, Morris had to get married to someone of the same royal status. He found himself a young lady from Queen Elizabeth’s lineage and built a four cottage home, hoping to impress her.

Unfortunately, the lady was disgusted by the house’s quality when she came to see it calling it a ‘bird’s nest.’ Lord Egerton decided to build a bigger house. He shipped building materials from Italy and England. He built a four-storeyed mansion that the lady turned down once again, consequently marrying a British Lord in Australia. This made Lord Egerton despise women henceforth. You will have to part with kshs 450 for adults and kshs 100 for children, which is considerably cheap for a place with such a mind-boggling history.

4. Fort Jesus

One of the most significant places that symbolize the history of Mombasa and the architectural prowess of the Portuguese is Fort Jesus. Construction of the fort lasted four years between 1593 and 1596. 

You will find a fascinating collection of archaeological artefacts from the fort and other sites, including Gede and Manda. Other artefacts have been collected from the San Antonio de Tana shipwreck, which has been at the bottom of the Indian Ocean since 1697. 

In 2011, Fort Jesus was marked as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its sophisticated yet brilliant architectural structures from the 16th century. The entry fee for adults is kshs 200, while children have to pay kshs 100 to access the fort.

5. Nairobi National Museum

Right in the heart of Nairobi city is the Nairobi National Museum. Making time to visit the Nairobi National Museum is both an educational and relaxing experience where you learn about the history and culture of the Kenyan people. Packed with lots of exhibitions and arts reflecting the richness of the Kenyan culture. You will also get to see the skeleton of the famous elephant, Ahmed.

Nairobi National Museum is also home to the snake park. You can view different snake species like pythons and black mambas for as low as kshs 100. Before embarking on your trip out of Nairobi, please remember to visit this incredible tourist attraction.

More budget-friendly destinations in Kenya

Kenya has plenty of cheap alternative destinations which you may want to check out. Some of the destinations include:

  1. Lake Bogoria
  2. Ngong’ Hills Forest
  3. Oloolua Forest
  4. The Nairobi National Park
  5. The National Archives

Travelling on a budget requires good planning. The key to budget travelling is making the best use of every single coin for an unforgettable experience. Which of these magical, wallet-friendly destinations in Kenya are you planning to explore? Please let me know in the comments below.



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