Skydiving in Kenya: All You Need to Know

Kenya has been known for its amazing safaris over the years, but skydiving in Kenya is the new coolest trend that everyone is dying to experience. What is better than an aerial adventure where you get to see the coast from 14,000 feet above the ground, then coming down at 120 miles per hour, landing on the pure white sand of our beautiful beaches?

Below is detailed information on everything you need to know about skydiving in Kenya, if you are interested in experiencing this great adventure.

First of, let’s begin with the experience that awaits you:

Is it scary?

The truth is that skydiving itself is not scary. The anticipation of what is going to happen when you jump is what causes the fear but the actual experience is nothing to be afraid of.

After all, we all enjoy a little thrill and that’s what makes it memorable. Keep in mind the urge that pushed you into experience skydiving and it will help you conquer your fears.

The actual experience

The skydiving process basically consists of 4 parts. It consists of the plane ride to the attitude, free-fall, canopy ride, and the landing.

Here is a comprehensive explanation of what each process entails.:

  • The plane ride  skydiving begins with a plane ride to the height you need to skydive. It is easier if you have boarded a plane before and a little terrifying if you have never done that before but it is unavoidable, so you have to talk yourself out of your fears. The way to the desired altitude doesn’t take that long hence you are likely to build up anxiety as you anticipate the skydiving but the experience is worth it. 
  • Free-fall – when you get to the desired altitude, skydiving in Diani used to be about 14,000 feet, the door of the plane opens and your instructor gives you some time till you confirm that you are ready to exit the plane. The real experience begins when you jump off and allow yourself to weightlessly fall, it is called free-fall. You cast your worries to the wind, breath, and take it all in. 
  • Canopy ride – after a few seconds of falling at 120mph, you experience the canopy ride. The instructor will deploy the parachute and you will experience the most peaceful feeling as you view the ground from high above. If you are interested, your instructor can help you ride in a continuation of free-fall with turns and spirals in between to make it adventurous.
  • Landing –the final experience of skydiving in Kenya is the landing where you get your feet back on the ground. Your instructor will guide you on the correct format of landing safely, so you shouldn’t worry about this phase. Once you’re on the ground, you will want to experience the same feeling all over again. You will realize that there is nothing to be afraid of; it was all in your head (in the first place). 

Skydiving in Kenya Price

Most skydiving companies in the Kenyan coast charge 350USD per person. The experience involves:

  • A short but detailed briefing
  • A 20-minute plane ride over the Kenyan coastline
  • 55 seconds free-fall off the plane;
  • 5 minutes canopy ride
  • And of course, a safe landing.

If you want a quality edited video (and photos) that captures your skydiving experience, you may have to part with about 75 USD. 

Such a pricing plan is for the newbies or rather tourists who just wish to experience skydiving in Kenya. However, if you’re a licensed skydiver, you may be charged only 50 USD per jump.

In that case, you will be legally required to provide an International Certificate of Proficiency issued by the Federation Aeronautique International. You will then be given the KCAA Parachute Permit and can join the rest of the skydivers for a wonderful experience.

Liability waivers

Unlike some other countries in the world, a medical certificate is not mandatory for skydiving in Kenya. However, you are required to sign a liability waiver that absolves the company from any responsibility/blame for any accidents/incidents that may occur.

You will also have to fill in a medical questionnaire and sign before the parachute jumps for your own safety. 

Interested in skydiving in Kenya? Reach out to us and we will ensure to get you the experience of a lifetime.



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