Nakuru is a paradise for any two love birds. With stunning sceneries, diverse wildlife, and a charming culture, you’ll never run out of date ideas. Whether you are on a budget or looking to splurge,  Nakuru has something for you.

In this blog, we’ll take you through places where you can enjoy a date, from high-end and comfy hotels to the best nature spots. So, if you are planning an anniversary, birthday, first date, or date night,  our 10 best places to go on a date in Nakuru got you covered.

Quick Summary of the Best Date Ideas in Nakuru

  • Lake Nakuru National Park- Best Place for an Adventurous person
  • Lord Egerton Castle- picturesque views and Best Romantic Picnic Setup
  • Menengai Crater- Best for Romantic Hikes
  • Sarova Lion Hill- Ideal for fancy Dinner Dates
  • Nakuru Players Theater- Best for Art Lovers
  • Lake Elmentaita- undisturbed and Picturesque Lake Views
  • Hyrax Hill Museum- Best for Lovers of Archaeology and History
  • Soysambu Conservancy- Camelback, Horseback and Motorcycle Tours

Get ready to fall in love all over again in Nakuru!

1. Lake Nakuru National Park

Photo by KWS

If you and your partner love nature, Lake Nakuru National Park is the best for a date in Nakuru. The park is ideal for bird-watching, hiking, and game drives. A ride to the scenic point gives you a perfect view of the lake and the best picnic spots. 

You can either hire a guide and tour van or drive yourself. However, the latter is more fun as the guides know the best spots, and you can concentrate on making memories. Some of the animals you’ll see include monkeys, lions, zebras, buffalos, and baboons.  Ooh, let’s also remember the famous pink feathered flamingos.

You can also book a visit to one of the lodges, like the Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge. The lodge is a luxurious facility, making it the best place for a fancy dinner in Nakuru. It offers a spectacular view overlooking the lake and park.

2. Lord Egerton Castle 

Photo by Egerton University Arc Hotel

No famous building in Kenya embodies a tragic but interesting love story like Lord Egerton Castle. It was constructed by Lord Egerton to impress his fiance. However, she didn’t appreciate the house and returned to England to marry someone else. Luckily, the castle stands today. 

Lord Egerton Castle sits in a serene location ideal for a romantic date in Nakuru. You and your partner can stroll through lush manicured gardens or sit for tea or a picnic. You can also have a romantic private dinner in the dining room, with candlelight and a cozy fireplace.

If you appreciate history and architecture, Egerton Castle is the perfect place for a date in Nakuru.

3. Menengai Crater

Photo by People Daily

One of the best places to visit in Nakuru for hikers is the Menengai Crater. It is a huge volcano that houses one of the largest calderas in the world. The crater offers thrilling hiking trails with breathtaking scenes at the top.

Your eyes will feast on lush greenery from an elevated angle and marvel at the geographical processes that created the crater. You’ll also come across a variety of wildlife like birds and baboons and steam vents and hot springs.

If you want a cheap romantic date in Nakuru, pack your picnic bag and enjoy the stunning sunsets in the peaceful atmosphere.

4. Sarova Lion Hill

If you are looking for a classy place for a date in Nakuru and want to spend, then Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is perfect. It is a unique and high-end facility along the Lion Hil in Lake Nakuru National Park. It sits in lush green surroundings, offering calm and peace to enjoy the lodge.

Some of the rooms offer amazing views of the lake and park. The sunsets are also sure to make you fall for your partner harder. So after a day on a game park tour, you can relax at the lodge and enjoy world-class cuisine and drinks with a scenic view. 

5. Nakuru Players Theatre

Photo Courtesy of Business Daily

Switch things up and surprise your special someone with a unique date in Nakuru. The Nakuru Players Theater provides something different from the usual food or drink dates. You get to watch local artists showcasing skill and creativity. 

You can catch a play, poetry session, dancing, or spoken word throughout different days.

A date to the Nakuru Players Theater is a good way of creating memories and promoting local talent. Icing on the cake is that it is one the cheapest places to go on a date in Nakuru, with tickets starting at 500.

6. Lake Elmentaita

Photo by KWS

Lake Elmentaita is a breathtaking natural wonder in Nakuru County’s heart. Its stunning beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it the perfect date spot for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

You and your partners can stroll around the lake and watch the scenic beauties. You’ll catch the several bird species that call it home and a variety of wildlife. The wildlife includes giraffes, zebras, and buffalos, perfect for an African safari.

You can also add a touch of class to your date with a dinner at the Lake Elmentaita Serena Camp. It is a five-star camp that provides luxury in the African savanna.

7. Hyrax Hill

Photo by Hyrax Hill Museum

Have a glimpse of the past with your loved one at the Hyrax Hill Museum. The area hosts an archeological site with ancient burial sites and stone bowls. These indicate the presence of early pastoralists in the area. 

This museum is ideal for a chilled and quiet date, where you can sink into your own world. It offers lush green surroundings with incredible views. If you are not at the live exhibitions, gallery, or museum section, you can take a stroll for birdwatching.

There is also a 50-meter elevation where you can watch the herds grazing below and enjoy the incredible grassland view.

8. Soysambu Conservancy

Photo courtesy of Soysambu Conservancy Facebook Page

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you know the best place for an African adventure is a conservancy. Well, Soyambu Conservancy is one of the best places to visit and go on a date in Nakuru. It is next to Lake Elmentaita and provides a perfect spot for birdwatching. 

Soysambu Conservancy hosts numerous lions, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, etc. The twist is that you can enjoy the conservancy on motorcycles, camels, or horses. What a thrill!

Soysambu Conservancy is also an Oscar-winning film location in Africa. The area provides the opening scene to the movie ‘In a Better World’.

9. Lake Naivasha

Photo Courtesy of Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp

Lake Naivasha is an ideal date location for any couple in Nakuru. The lake offers a tranquil surrounding with stunning views, sprawling landscapes, and various wildlife and fauna. Combined with the luxurious resorts in the park, Lake Naivasha is the best place for a date.

You’ll experience an intriguing wildlife safari where you’ll see giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. You can also take a boat ride, enjoy the fresh air, and spot various bird species. You can also stop on Crescent Island in the middle of the lake.

Crescent Island house various hotels, including the spectacular Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp. The camp offers a top-class hospitality experience, making it perfect for a fancy date in Nakuru.

Here are other best places to go on a date in Nakuru or near Nakuru:

  • Origin Coffee Kenya– Best place to enjoy coffee and soft music
  • Lake Naivasha- Best for an African tour date 
  • Little Garden Bistro– Best place to enjoy cocktails in Nakuru
  • Kivu Resort– Perfect place for a cheap date in Nakuru
  • Ziwa Bush Lodge– Perfect place to relax in nature
  • Drive to Thompson/Nyahururu Falls- Ideal for road trip dates
  • Lennz Pizza– Ideal for fast food dates
  • Lake Bogoria- Best place to check natural hot springs
  • Lake Baringo-  Best place to engage in water activities

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