Best Places to Go On a Date in Kisumu

If you are looking for a place to take your partner or prospect for a date, Kisumu has a range of places to visit and things to do as a couple. You’ll enjoy adventurous outdoor activities, cultural and educational experiences, delicious meals, and good company. So whether you and your loved one are nature lovers, history buffs, or a foodie, Kisumu has you covered.

In this article, Destinations Kenya looks at the top ten places to go on a date in Kisumu, each offering unique and memorable experiences. You and your date will want more at the end of the day.

  • Dunga Beach- Best Fresh Fish in Kisumu
  • Ndere Island National Park– Undisturbed Peace and Beauty
  • Kisumu Yacht Club- Classy date idea
  • Kit Mikayi– Best Place for Hiking
  • Acacia Premier Hotel– Best for Romantic Dinners
  • Kisumu Impala Sanctuary– Ideal for Nature and Conservancy Enthusiasts
  • Planet Media Cinema– Best for Movie Fanatics
  • Kisumu Museum- A Step into the History of Kenya
  • Club Da Place- Best for a Night Out

1. Dunga Beach

Photo by Lake Region Bulletin

It will be unjust not to start this list with arguably the best place to enjoy fish in Kisumu. Dunga Beach, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is a well-known inland beach in Kenya providing one of the best things to do in Kisumu, eat fish. It boasts a great lake view perfect for stunning sundowners and the city’s freshest and most delicious fish.

You can choose a fish fresh out of the water and enjoy a drink with your date as you wait for it to cook or go for a boat ride while waiting for your meal. Better still, you can ask the fishermen to allow you to catch your food.

2. Ndere Island National Park

If you want to escape the busy Kisumu City and enjoy your date’s company in tranquillity, Ndere Island National Park is the best pick. The Island on Lake Victoria offers you a peaceful atmosphere where you can connect with nature and each other. It is the best place for a date in Kisumu and offers some of the best activities in Nyanza.

The Island is home to various wildlife like crocodiles, hippos, impalas, zebras, waterbuck, money etc. It also houses over 100 bird species like the Egrets, Osprey, Banded Snake Eagles, African Open-billed stork, and Egyptian Goose, making it a bird spotting paradise.

You can access the Island by boat from Bao Beach.

3. Kisumu Yacht Club

Kisumu Yacht Club is a members sailing club and the best place if you want somewhere fancy and unique for a date in Kisumu. The facility is open to non-members for a fee from Tuesday to Saturday and offers an almost similar experience to members.

If you plan to visit the Yacht club, free up your afternoon because you’ll not want to leave. Enjoy exhilarating boat rides on the lake, and afterwards, sit down for delicious cuisine while the setting sun paints the sky orange or red. They offer Indian, African, and American dishes at reasonably low prices.

4. Kit Mikayi

Take a step back a few centuries and learn the story behind the Kit Mikayi rock formation. The name refers to the ‘stone of the first woman’. The legend goes that one local man fell in love with the stone and would spend his whole day by it, making the wife refer to it as his first wife.

The towering stones offer picturesque views of the surrounding village and lake at a distance. It is a perfect place for a hiking or nature date. Remember to let the local Lego Maria worshippers finish their business in peace.

5. Acacia Premier Hotel

Acacia Premier Hotel is the epitome of fine dining in Africa and one of the best places for a romantic date in Kisumu. This magnificent facility is nestled in the Milimani suburbs and offers some of the most spectacular views of Lake Victoria.

The hotel offers first-class services and comfort with the best cuisines in the city. The foods here are a bombardment of flavours and tastes that will leave you licking your lips. You can also swim in the swimming pool or spend hours in the wellness spa.

A date at the Acacia Premier Hotel will leave your date impressed.

6. Take a Bike Tour of the City

Picture by Adrenaline Adventures

What better way to spend time with your partner than exploring the city together on bikes! Kisumu is a fairly flat area that makes bike or boda in the local slang, making it ideal for bike riding around the city. Touring the city on a bike allows you to enjoy unhindered views of all the city offers without moving slowly.

Kisumu has many landmarks, beautiful sites, and places you and your partner can spend the day visiting. While bike riding is the cheaper Kisumu touring option, you can also use tuk-tuks and motorcycles.

7. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Photo from Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Facebook Page

If you and your date are nature and conservation enthusiasts, the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is the best place to visit in Kisumu for a date. This lake bordering sanctuary gets its name from its original purpose which was to conserve the endangered impalas around the area.

Your date will consist of a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, and viewing of animals such as giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, and cheetahs among other big cats. You can also take a nature walk and spot birds or go boat riding on glass-bottomed boats.

They also have a well-shaded area, ideal for picnics.

8. Planet Media Cinema- Kisumu

Going out for a movie is a classic date idea that almost always works, especially if you both like movies. It is even better when you and your date love the movie or characters. If you are looking for a movie cinema in Kisumu, Planet Media Cinema is a good option.

The state-of-the-art facility offers the perfect atmosphere and comfort to enjoy a movie, The sound and image quality ensure that you immerse yourself in the movie. It is definitely a must-visit place in Kisumu.

9. Kisumu Museum

If you are interested in learning the culture of the people of western Kenya, rift valley, and Nyanza, a visit to Kisumu Museum is a must. The small establishment in Kisumu provides lovers and partners a view into Kenya’s history.

The museum also features stuffed animals and statues, a fish aquarium, a snake park, a cultural and historical gallery, a traditional homestead, and other things. It has also been a centre of research with participation in global research. 

It also hosts a few sites and monuments like Fort Tenan, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya Mausoleum, and Thimlich Ohinga World Heritage Site

10. Club Da Place

If your date is going out for clubbing or drinks, then Club Da Place is the ideal place to turn up. The popular spot sees a lot of revellers over the weekend with the ideal party mood. So grab your dancing shoes and show Kisumu how good you can dance.

The club is known for live music bands, karaoke nights, and special nights when they play specific music genres. So whatever your music taste, you’ll find a day for you. The club also offers a wide variety of drinks and food.

Other Place for a Date in and Near Kisumu:

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