Best Place to Go on a Date in Eldoret

Going on a date doesn’t mean splashing money (although it doesn’t hurt if you can afford it). It is about having quality time with your loved one. You could spend time in nature, shopping, or dining at a restaurant- endless options.

If you are looking for the best place to go on a date in Eldoret, you are in the right place. This blog discusses different cheap places and expensive places with various activities. Whether you are out on a romantic date or with a friend or family, Eldoret has something for you.

Let’s get you started!

Poa Place Gardens

Poa Place Gardens are perfect for anyone looking for a tranquil location for a date in Eldoret. The well-manicured lawns and lush greenery are the ideal getaway for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Eldoret town.

Connect with nature and each other with a romantic garden picnic or spend time at the spa. Additionally, this family-friendly place offers kids an amusement park with rides and various activities.

The area also hosts restaurants with delicious local and international cuisines. They have indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for day and evening dates. You can also end the day at the garden’s Club Rumours.

Koromosho Waterfalls

Photo by Phototito

If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to go on a date in Eldoret, a trip to the scenic Koromosho Waterfalls will do. The 70-metre-high waterfall is an inconspicuous site hidden behind lush landscapes in Leseru town, 30 km West of Eldoret.

Photo by Phototito

The thunderous fall of water can be heard from afar, giving you the excitement and eagerness to see it. Some will find the falling water therapeutic and calming. The surrounding area also offers a peaceful setup where a couple can stroll and observe monkeys.

Kipkaren River Resort

Spend the day engaged in various outdoor activities and enjoy a blissful environment in total privacy. Kipkaren River Resort is an ideal place to go on a date in Eldoret if you love exploring the outdoors. Whether you want an adrenaline-packed activity or just a quiet day, the resort got you.

Take on the long, high, fast ziplines and enjoy the surrounding greenery as the fresh air beats your face. You can bet who is going to scream! You can also go on a horse or bike ride along the beautiful nature trails to connect with nature and each other.

Other activities at the resort include archery, picnicking, and paintballing. You’ll also taste some of the best nyama choma ever!

The Well Irish Pub

Take your special someone out on a unique date in Eldoret. The Well Irish Pub & Restaurant provides a comfy, relaxed atmosphere with many local and international cuisines. You can indulge in traditional Irish cuisines like hearty lamb stew, Guinness beef stew, potato, and leek soup, or choose from the wide variety.

If you are a whiskey lover, the pub houses the most extensive collection of Irish whiskeys in Kenya. So you can sip and eat while enjoying live music from various bands and quality services from charming staff.

A classy date at The Well Irish Pub and Restaurant will earn you points!

Rupas Mall Cinemas

What better way to treat a movie fanatic than a date to the movies? If you are looking for a place to go on a date in Eldoret, Rupas Mall Cinema is a good option. The cinema offers top-quality picture, sound, and seats. You are sure to immerse yourself in the best movie experience.

Rupas Mall Cinema showcases all the latest blockbuster movies, meaning you’ll never miss something to watch. So, grab some popcorn, candy, or a soft drink and enjoy a movie.

The mall also features several restaurants and hotels where you can catch a meal after the movie. It is an excellent way to end a movie date in Eldoret.

Naiberi River Campsite and Resort

Naiberi River Campsite and Resort is the stop for anyone who wants to spend the whole day on a date in Eldoret. Located 16km outside Eldoret, along the Eldoret-Eldama Ravine road, the resort provides modern-day luxury in a stone age-like surrounding, making it one of the top campsites in Kenya.

You and your loved one can spend the day on nature trails and forest walks. Enjoy a serene environment and watch hundreds of bird species that call the resort home. You can also spend your time swimming.

You’ll also access The Cave restaurant, which resembles a stone age cave. You’ll feast on a huge selection of local and international drinks and cuisines.

Cheptikiit Waterfalls

Photo by Dan Rono

 If you are both hiking fanatics, a trip to the Cheptikiit Waterfalls will make a perfect date in Eldoret. This waterfall is a perfect nest for romantic picnics or bird-seeing excursions.  It is a few kilometres from Eldoret International Airport.

The road up the hill is rough, so be ready for a great hiking experience. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with stunning lush scenery and a beautiful waterfall. The Sosiani river drains water over colossal rocks, down the escarpment, creating a marvel of mother nature.

Photo by Titus Biwot

The Cheptikiit waterfall area is perfect for photography and videography. So snap away and capture memories and make your social media lively. It is one of the cheap places for a date in Eldoret.

Window Shop at Rupas Mall

Rupas Mall is a perfect place for family, friends, or lovers on a date in Eldoret. The mall houses several unique shops and restaurants where you can shop or window shop until your eyes are tired.

Try out different fashion styles in the clothing and fashion shops or check out the latest technology in the electronic shops. When you are tired, you can treat your palates to delicious cuisines in one of the restaurants or have a drink in the Zaika lounge.

Other Best Places to Go to on a Date in Eldoret

Here are top places you can take someone on a date in Eldoret:

  • Eka Hotel Eldoret– Ideal for a classy date in Eldoret
  • Boma Inn Eldoret– Picturesque surroundings and modern hospitality
  • Samich Resort- Perfect place to relax and watch the Kerio Valley Escarpment
  • Eldoret Inner Harbour Resort– Lush surrounding and a dam where you can go boat riding
  • Iten High Point- Perfect public spot to view the valley escarpment

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