9 great outdoor activities to do as a company
Employees resting during a hike as one of the great outdoor activities to do as a company

Are you stuck on which great outdoor activities to do as a company? Well, worry no more. This article lists and analyses the activities and the best teambuilding places in Kenya to give you an awesome experience.

1.   Fill the bucket challenge

When looking for some of the best teambuilding activities for companies in Kenya, you need not look so far. Simply look at what the kids are playing, and reminisce the old times.

The activity entails two competing groups aiming to fill a bucket with water. Each team has its own bucket and uses either a small perforated container or sponge.

Members in each group has a chance to draw water from a bucket, run to the other end and empty the container or sponge, then come back and hand over to the next group member.

The winner is the first group to fill the bucket with water. The activity is suitably done done in a resort, park or ranch and it encourages teamwork, creativity and speed in task execution.

2. Engage in a corporate run/walk/race

Runs or walks are the most common outdoor activities organizations participate in. Employees get the chance to have fun, relieve office pressure, set goals or even discover hidden talents.

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3. Participate in corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibilities (CSR) are an old company culture of giving back to society. The activities may include visiting the sick, garbage collection or street sweeping. It encourages colleagues to show their human nature and appreciate life more than just working hard.

4. Organize a night out camp

A night out in the bush is a perfect activity to break the office boredom. As it is said, a change is as good as a rest.

Employees pack bags and set out to the best campsites in country. In the evening they gather around a fire, talk, cook, sing, roast meat and do much more. The activity helps workers relax and interact beyond the office work boundaries.

5. Tree planting exercise

A green and natural environment is an ideal medication for mental health. Companies that engage in environmental exercises such as tree planting help employees beat depression and anxiety.

Therefore, plan for this as often as possible as a self-prescribed mental health medication!

6. Visit a park and play

Employees esteem companies that gives them a chance to play once in a while.

The activity is an important one that comes with great and satisfying results such as creating strong bonds and laughing off the office stress.

7. Go hiking

Hiking is a crucial activity that employees love and give their all. With many hiking spots in the country, it results in sheer fun. Hiking helps in building teamwork and improving physical fitness.

8. Play a football game

A football game is an activity that will help workers to enjoy, laugh, and have fun. Let the employees relieve their stress by kicking that ball hard even without experience. Good to note that random games at the office backyard yields best results especially on a Friday afternoon.

9. Play childhood games

Despite having those high targets, childhood games are unique outdoor activities that brings instant energy bursts. No wonder children seem happy and energetic during their plays.

Some of the games need just a tiny space, such as halls or fields. The games include hide and seek, childhood songs, among others.


Games and outdoor activities have a healing effect and should be a priority for an organization that values its employees. These ‘small’ activities go a long way in boosting employee morale and increasing productivity.

The aforementioned are some of the activities to try out although more do exist such as;

  • Cook-off challenge
  • Swimming
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Egg challenge
  • Blind fold and walk challenge
  • Rope skipping
  • Trivia questions


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