7 Sensational watersports in Kenya

Kenya is by far one of the best places to try out watersport activities. Here you will find an array of activities ranging from surfing, scuba diving, flyboarding, and jet skiing, to mention a few.

The sensational feeling of enjoying the white sandy beaches and being in or on the blue waters as the wind blows through your hair is simply something to die for. Watersports activities are a great way to enjoy your holiday stay in Kenya. 

Here are 7 best watersport activities you can enjoy while in Kenya,

Jet skiing.


For the thrill-seekers. If you love to let loose and unravel, then this is just the sport for you. Commonly done at Robinson Island in the Indian Ocean, ride the jet ski in the blue sea accompanied by a competent instructor to enhance your experience.


time lapse photography surfer in wave water

If you enjoy gliding through the waters as you try to strike a balance through the waves, then this is for you. Also known as “dancing with the waves,” surfing inspires a relationship with the sea. The sport also comprises of windsurfing and kite surfing.

These activities can be found at Shanzu Beach, Mombasa Channel, Watamu Bay, Malindi Bay, Baobabs, Shela Beach, Nyali Beach, Kiwayu, and Manda Island.


woman on kayak on body of water holding paddle

Majorly done at Rapids Camp in Sagana, enjoy drifting and maneuvering through speedy, propelling, wavy waters with obstacles. As you prepare for your adventure, a competent coach/trainer will lead you through the basics, from what to wear to how to use and handle the equipment. You will also be taught rescue techniques, boat control, basic strokes, and wet exits. Kayaking is also available in the coastal region of Kenya.

Scuba diving.

two people scuba diving underwater

Scuba diving is one of the most popular watersports in Kenya.

This is a great way to have an encounter with the vast marine life. Diving can be done all year round, but it’s normally advised that between October to March is the best time. Special creatures such as the Humpback whales come out from July to October, whereas Manta rays and Whale sharks show up between November and February. Scuba diving is available in most Kenyan Coastal regions, Kisite Mpunguti, Watamu, Diani-Chale, Malindi, Mombasa, and Kiunga islands. 

Bungee jumping.

Perfect for adrenaline junkies. This free fall sport initiates a mixed reaction feeling within you. With paramount safety measures observed, you’re muzzled up, and an elastic cord is cinched around your feet. Thereafter take your position, and you are ready to jump. Groups and families that thrive in extraordinary activities are also welcome for this sport.


How would it feel flying above the blue waters of the Indian ocean without an aircraft or wings? Well, this sport makes you do exactly that. A fly board is connected to a watercraft, and water is forced to a pair of boots. This gives out a flying sensation, which can take you 15 meters above sea level and also thrust you down over 2 meters when diving. 

White water rafting.

Located 60 miles away from Nairobi, the Tana River is the place to go for this sport. Learn the skills needed to maneuver through the rapids with ease and confidence skillfully. There you will also get to see over 100 different species of birds. A lunch bbq normally accompanies this sport. 

With a vast array of watersports in Kenya, there are just many things that you can look into, when seeking to spend the best times with loved ones.

Moreover, this can also be part of the best teambuilding ideas for your company too. The watersports activities vary in intensity, as some can be quite extreme. Be sure to engage in one or all of these activities on your stay in Kenya, for a fun and thrilling experience.


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