7 luxurious secluded destinations outside Nairobi

In terms of luxury travel attractions, Kenya has a plethora of choices to choose from. You’ll have to search harder if you’re searching for secluded locations outside of Nairobi that none of your friends have heard of.

With the myriad options available in the country, most of which are in the capital, your favorite search engine is unlikely to find these hidden gems. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of the best luxurious secluded destinations outside Nairobi. There is absolutely no doubt that you will fall in love with each of them.

1.The Samatian Island Lodge

Found in Lake Baringo, on a private inland island, the Samatian Lodge is hired out on an exclusivity basis. Its tranquil, comfortable, and luxurious environment is ideal for those looking to unwind.

The state-of-the-art lodge, owned by Ross and Caro Whitey, has five open-planned and fully equipped en-suite rooms. There are two family units, each with a partitioned sitting space, bathroom, bedroom, and verandah, providing a home away from home experience.

You will reconnect with your true self away from the hustle and bustle on scenic boat trips, fishing, and bird walks. Get a glimpse of the region’s abundant wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles, and over 500 different species of birds.

2.Lengishu House

Lengishu is situated in Kenya’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuary, Borana Conservancy, Laikipia county. The unique cultural house is set on a ridge with a panoramic view of the Laikipia plains.

Lengishu luxury accommodation includes six beautifully appointed bedrooms spread across four cottages, each with a fireplace for cooler evenings. The Fish Eagle and Goshawk are stand-alone double rooms that are ideal for couples, while the Upper and Lower Cottages are best suited for families with young children. The interiors are not only tastefully decorated with Scottish-Maasai heritage, but all rooms face east over the valley below, providing spectacular sunrise views. There is also a gym, billiards table, infinity pool, studio, and pétanque pitch, as well as our wonderful in-house masseuse.

They collaborate with the Conservancy to provide services such as game drives and safari adventures by land, horseback, or air, accompanied by a private guide. The Big Five and other wild animals provide a wildlife experience unlike any other. There is also a gym, billiards table, infinity pool, studio, and pétanque pitch, as well as our wonderful in-house masseuse.


The award-winning Elsa’s Kopje lodge in Meru National Park is carved into Mughwango Hill above George Adamson’s original camp. The lodge, which was founded in 1999 by the stars of the film “Born Free,” Dr. Richard Leakey and Virginia McKenna, offers guests unparalleled seclusion.

There are six cottages, three honeymoon suites, one two-bedroom cottage, and one two-bedroom private house at the lodge. Each cottage is built around the rocks and features a large bedroom, an open sitting room, a veranda, and a spacious bathroom with sweeping views.

The lodge offers a fine dining experience and sitting areas under the stars. Game drives in the Meru National park can be arranged to view the famous large elephant herds, hippos, rhinos, lions, and birds.

4.Enashipai Resort and Spa

Enashipai is an award-winning luxury destination located in Naivasha, a one-hour drive from Nairobi. The perfectly manicured and lush gardened resort offers guests a relaxing atmosphere and excellent services. 

The resort’s Fountain executive rooms feature an afro chic design and large windows with views of the picturesque fountain, while the spacious Garden Executive rooms provide guests with a variety of options for lodging. Villa Executive rooms have a spacious lounge set amid lushly landscaped gardens that are overflowing with water. The one-bedroom lavish honeymoon suite pampers couples with full-board meals.

Enashipai also provides unbelievable rejuvenating spa treatments. Hiking, boat rides, fitness workouts, mountain climbing, and bird watching are some of the entertaining activities to do. Excursions to other destinations can be planned, such as the Maasai Mara.

5.The Lonno Lodge

The charming Lonno lodge is a beautifully designed gem located in a private beach area in Watamu. A four-kilometer drive from Watamu center will get you to the exclusive, luxurious destination.

The lodge has tower rooms and historical suites that go up as high as 133square meters. It is impossible to miss the sea breeze and stunning ocean views. The secluded Grandsuite overlooks the natural garden amid a homely setting hosting up to 5 guests and a baby cot.

If you fancy watching dolphins swim and play around, then Lonno lodge will hook you up with well-experienced captains that will take you an a private cruise with their vessels.  Get to swim in the salty water infinity pool that is very rare in Kenya and relax in the traditionally decked gazebos. Lonno lodge is a small indulgence for a magical holiday experience if you want to get away from everyone else.

6. The Sands of Chale Island

The enchanting Sands of Chale Island is six hundred meters from the mainland in South Coast Kenya. The fabulous small-sized beach is surrounded by a mangrove forest and between a tidal lake and coral reefs.

The coral reefs have different colorful species of fish which are a spectacular view. The adjacent tropical Flora is home to many uncommon fascinating creatures.

Sands of Chale resort offers six categories of accommodation to fulfill different tastes and demands. The opulent suite on the rocks is unlike any other. The high above thatched circular construction has a hole in the middle that allows rainwater to fall directly into a mini garden in the center of the room. A stairway leads to an upstairs lounge whose veranda has a sunbathing deck and a private jacuzzi on the cliff face.

7. Sarova Shaba Game lodge

Moving away from the coast, let’s head inland over to Central Kenya, Samburu. At the heart of Shaba Game Reserve lies the Sarova Shaba Game Lodge, which homes diverse and extraordinary wildlife. The dubbed “Born free country” by Joy and George Adamson is a beautifully crafted secluded gem.

The lodge offers three different categories of accommodation to suit all tastes and demands. One of them is the Sarova Shaba Born Free suite, whose interior is impeccably decorated, illustrating the Samburu culture.

The lodge serves fresh, delectable food supported by its very own vegetable and herb garden. Its strategic position allows for exciting activities such as game drives, bush breakfast, crocodile feeding, bird watching, and nature walks.

Visit these locations and get a magical experience like no other. Take a look at our website to learn about other wonderful places to visit


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