7 most fascinating historical destinations in Kenya.
Historical destinations in Kenya

How well does your general historical knowledge of your country measure up? Do you know where and when key events took place in times gone by? Well, here is your chance for a great discovery. There are many historical destinations in Kenya which provide unique insights into Kenya’s rich history, culture, and the evolution of our species as a whole.

These magnificent sites have been attracting tourists for years and are as remarkable now as they were initially found.

Some of these sites, which arose naturally or were constructed centuries ago, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From ancient forts to town centers to mysterious caves, eschew popular tourist locations for a more educational immersion into Kenya’s unique history and heritage.

If you are intrigued by seeing Kenya’s rich legacy firsthand, read on to see what historical destinations in Kenya in Kenya you can include in your itinerary.

1. Koobi Fora, Turkana

Koobi Fora is a paleoanthropological site in northern Kenya near Lake Turkana. The geological formation of Koobi Fora is made up of the lake and river sediments on the eastern shore of Turkana Lake. It has produced numerous remarkable fossil discoveries, including remnants of more than 3 million years old hominids.

    2.  Hell’s Gate National park, Naivasha

Hell’s Gate National Park is home to a broad spectrum of rare species, plant, and geological characteristics, ranging from stunning obsidian caverns cut into the crystalline black rock to the Lower Gorge and all in between. You’ll be spoiled for choice between the Fischer Tower, steeped in local legend, and the natural hot springs and geysers.

3. Nairobi Railway Museum, Nairobi

The Nairobi railway museum, which opened its doors in 1971, aims to preserve the history of railway development in East Africa by preserving and presenting relics and early records of the time. Historic steam locomotives manufactured during the heyday of a steam engine will be displayed. A carriage was utilized in Kima’s lion manufacturing hunt. It was established to conserve the traditional culture and customs of the Meru indigenous people.

4. Shimoni Slave Caves, Kwale

Shimoni’s slave groves are among the rare remnants of the brutal reality of the East African slave trade. Arab slave dealers converted the caves previously used as a hiding spot for locals fleeing slave chasers as holding pens. They were detained for more than two weeks before shipping to Zanzibar. During your trip to Kenya, stop in Kwale to take a realistic look at part of the grim history of the continent.

5. Meru Museum, Meru

The small museum’s exhibits include the cultural and technological remains revealed in the Australian outback at Lewa Downs, an important prehistoric site. A traditional Meru house also gives tourists a peek into how local people live their everyday lives.

6. Lamu Old Town, Lamu

Lamu town, often the place of significant Muslim religious events, has been a major crossroads for the cultures and religions of Islam and Swahili for centuries and continues to function. If you’re looking for where to learn Kenya’s history, this is a place you can start with.

With its unique Swahili culture and architecture, which have survived for 700 years, it is a well-preserved part of its past that awaits its people’s discovery and enjoyment.

7. Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Fort Jesus is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It is near the entrance to the harbor, facing the Old Port of Mombasa. Although they were conquered and recovered nine times, from 1593 to 1596, the Portuguese built this fort between the Portuguese, the Omani Arabs, and the British, which finally colonized Kenya. Inside the fort is a museum that houses several remnants from the fortress and some stunning views of the harbor of Mombasa.

Parting shot

If you want to learn more about Kenya’s history, then, in that case, we recommend taking an excellent guided tour that covers the major historical sites. Check the opening and closing times for each so that you may plan your time accordingly. Ensure to look over the entire list of historical destinations in Kenya for a fantastic trip!

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