7 fun things to do in Kisumu

Kisumu City, located in the Nyanza region, boasts of a variety of exciting activities, travel destinations, and places to explore. Visitors to ‘Kisumo dala,’ as the locals refer to it, are treated to a profound sense of discovery and adventure someplace off the beaten tourist track.

Are you wondering what to do in this beautiful lakeside city? Here’s a breakdown of some of the best fun things to do in Kisumu.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

fun things to do in Kisumu

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, situated on the shores of Lake Victoria, is a small, tranquil, and pleasant chill spot. The sanctuary, located one kilometer from Kisumu CBD, predominantly hosts herds of impalas, orphaned Masai lions, and endangered sitatunga antelope.

Furthermore, the park is home to various wild creatures, including the Tanzanian cheetahs, olive baboons, African leopard, cape buffalos, hippos, Sykes’ monkeys, hyenas bushbucks, African grey parrots, and jackals. 

It features three kilometers of well-kept trails and several scenic picnic sites suitable for weddings, parties, and business events. The sanctuary also has five camping sites: Impala, Sunset, Albizia, Baboon, and Simba—all of which provide breathtaking views of the lake.

 Fun activities at the sanctuary include glass-bottomed rides, bird watching, and nature hikes. Sundowner viewpoint- provides a fantastic view of the sunset. Entry fee Ksh. 215 per adult and Ksh. 125 per child

Kisumu museum

The Kisumu Museum, situated along the Kisumu-Kericho highway, features traditional Luo homesteads and rare wildlife species. In addition, the natural and cultural museum, which opened in 1980, houses traditional Luo artifacts and reptiles and amphibians kept in glass exhibits.

Explore a series of outdoor pavilions filled with Lake Victoria fish aquariums and reptiles, including spitting cobras, black mambas, and puff adders. You may see an extensive collection of traditional armor, jewelry, and farming tools in the cultural section.

The entrance fee to the Kisumu museum is Kshs.100 for a resident adult.

Kit Mikayi

Kit mikayi is a rock formation, a tor, is situated about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo highway. The 70-to-80-foot-tall stone resembles a lady carrying a weight on her back, towering over the surrounding Kangeso village rocks.

fun things to do in Kisumu

Kit-mikayi translates as “the stone of the first woman” in Luo. It is a place with many stories and myths about the rocks, and you will be thrilled to hear stories about them. It is a regional point of sightseeing interest, picnics, and climbing activities.

 The entrance is via N’gop-Ngeso primary school and the entry fee is Kshs.150.

Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island, primarily covered in grassland, provides:

  • Spectacular views of Mageta Island to the east.
  • Homa Hills to the south.
  • Kampala’s glimpse in Uganda beyond the southwestern horizon.

Monitor lizards, hippos, snakes, uncommon sitatunga antelopes, baboons, waterbucks, warthogs, Nile crocodiles, impalas, many fish species, zebras, and snakes are seen along the lakeside. Aside from that, more than 100 different bird species can be spotted here, making it an ideal destination for bird watchers. Grey-headed kingfishers, black-headed gonoleks, and African fish eagles are among the birds found here.

Entry charges for citizens of Kenya Adults: Ksh 350 Child: Ksh 200 while for non-residents of Kenya adults: USD 25 Child: USD 15

Dunga hill camp

Dunga, located on the banks of Lake Victoria, is a perfect site for camping, picnicking, or simply spending a relaxed afternoon with family or friends. Additionally, kayaks have been placed to the lake to offer a sporting element to the location.

Boat cruises are also available for those who cannot kayak but would like to experience the lake’s scenery. It’s a peaceful area where you can observe hippos and spectacular sunsets. 

Hippo Point

Kisumu Hippo Point is an excellent location for organized boat racing or a Lake Victoria boat trip. It also serves as a fishing port and has a campground nearby. The 600-acre open space is better known for its unimpeded sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos, despite its name.

It is a few kilometers south of town, near Dunga Village. It’s especially prevalent on weekends and holidays when revelers, friends, and family congregate. Take a boat excursion to see hippos and birds in their natural environment.

You can bring your drinks and sit back and chill while listening to music and taking in the sight as the sun sets beyond the peaceful waters of Lake Victoria.

Kiboko Bay

Kiboko Bay Resort is a short distance from the high street, Impala Park, and the Dunga Fishing Village.

The romantic lakeside environment is great for couples on a romantic getaway and frazzled professional executives wishing to unwind.

The resort’s sheer size, for some, is what draws them to it. Others take pleasure in the vibrant birdlife, while others enjoy gliding across the waterways and taking in the splendor of the pristine wetlands. For those who appreciate natural beauty, there are a thousand spectacular sunsets over the shimmering lake water to be enjoyed by every visitor.

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November 11, 2022
been to Impala , yet to tour the rest but its a cool place i loved the place and to anyone touring kisumu,,u need to go to impala park
May 15, 2023
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