7 Best Hiking Spots in Kenya

7 Best Hiking Spots in Kenya

Hiking has been one of the major attractions for both locals and tourists in Kenya – for many years. Hiking in Kenya has also become more popular due to the need for people to embrace healthy living and the need to discover newer places every other day. There are a number of hiking trails in Nairobi while others are located further away from the capital city.

Below is a list of some of the best hiking spots in Kenya that you can visit if you are looking for a hiking experience. 

  1. Karura Forest
  2. Ngong Hills
  3. Nairobi Arboretum
  4. Hell’s Gate
  5. Mount Longonot
  6.  Mount Kenya – Naro Moru Hike
  7. Menengai Crater

Karura Forest












The thousands of tree species found in Karura forest make it stand out unlike other hiking trails in Kenya, making it one of the best hiking spots among others. The hiking trails cover around 50km that leads to a waterfall and caves.

The first 2km are a steady lane followed by a steep hill that leads to a river. The trail steadies again until you get to the caves which are believed to have been a hide out for the Mau Mau during the colonial period, then you get to the waterfall after a while.

It is very suitable for family hiking adventures and even solo adventures because you are likely to meet other passionate hikers along the trails.

Ngong Hills 



This is the most accessible hiking spot in Nairobi because it is located at a short distance from the town. The initial part of the hiking trail cuts through a village, past a wind farm then you get to a radio repeater station.

The view at this point is amazing, and then you climb and go down a series of hills leading to a place called Kona baridi located in the southern part of the hills. The whole hiking experience is likely to take 4-5 hours depending on your hiking pace. 

Nairobi Arboretum 


nairobi arboretum

This hiking spot is located on a 70-acre piece of land adjacent to the State House. There are fast-growing exotic trees planted by the Kenyan government to be used in the construction of the Mombasa-Kampala railway. They consist of over 350 types of different trees and the paved footpaths in between the trees are the spaces that serve as the hiking trails.

Hell’s Gate



This place has one of the best hiking landscapes among other hiking spots in Kenya and it is located in Naivasha. It comprises of the Rift Valley Cliff which is the exterior part, and the Ol NJorowa Gorge which meanders a distance of 24km. they both offer space for rock climbing and hiking trails respectively.

Apart from that, the stretch is filled with hot water springs and wildlife mostly giraffes. The scenery is just breathtaking. 

Mount Longonot 


It is a dormant volcano located just an hour away from Nairobi and it also among the most recommended hiking spots in Kenya. The trails start from the main gate then past the forested area.

The hiking up and down the mountain takes approximately 4 hours while going around the crater takes extra 2 hours. Besides that, you are likely to see wildlife like giraffes and buffalos from a safe distance. 

Mount Kenya 


mount kenya

The hike starts from Naro Moru gate at Mt. Kenya National Park via the forest. It takes about 2 hours and you are likely to see colobus monkeys, buffaloes, and elephants from a distance. You can choose to use an alpine zone which will take you a couple of extra hours but the view is worth the additional trekking. It is covered with vegetation like the giant heather, tussock grass, and Senecio. 

Menengai Crater 


menengai crater

This crater is the largest caldera in Kenya and the second-largest in Africa. It is located 8km from Nakuru town and the view of Lake Nakuru from the top of the crater is breathtaking. The highest point of the caldera wall is approximately 500m from the bottom of the caldera and the entire view of the horizon is worth the hiking experience. The crater provides an avenue for hiking. The trails are clearly marked and you won’t get much trouble navigating your way.

Kenya has many other activities that you can take part in. All in all, these are some of the best hiking spots in Kenya and you should at least try out one once a year. Happy hiking.



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