7 family-friendly places to visit in Kenya

Are you looking for family-friendly places to visit in Kenya? Endless options exist for you. But rather than sift through chunks of lists, why not consider this article? You only need to choose your spot and enjoy it!

We’ve considered your budget, family size, and preferences and compiled a perfect list.

Candace Cameron Bure says the memories we make with our family are everything. With this, start the journey of lifelong memories creation by visiting one of these places.

Here’s the list.

1. Eliye Springs in Lake Turkana

Eliye Springs is a fantastic spot located on the western side of Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya. It is one of the few pocket-friendly family getaways in Kenya suitable for honeymoon and other fun family activities.

Some of the amenities to enjoy include camping, leisure walks, boat rides, bird and game watching.

Watching clear skies and stars is a worthwhile activity to do as a couple to rekindle your love life. The accommodation is a blend of modern and conventional houses, with an option to taste the Samburu culture by sleeping in the manyattas.

2. Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy

The vast and wild conservancy is a destination found between Isiolo and Moyale. It was established in 2004 and covers nearly 4002 km, and is the home to giraffes, lions, cheetahs, leopards, among other animals.

The conservancy offers an ideal family spot for game watching, camping, and free walks.

3. Leleshwa Getaway

Searching for an affordable, kid and family-friendly place to visit in Kenya? Then this is the place.

The getaway is found within Nairobi and borders the Nairobi National Park. Leleshwa offers you the chance to unwind, relax and create that special bond with your family.

The customized rooms fit a large family of up to ten people, thus perfect for a large family.

The location suits families that need a quick break from city life or for a honeymoon. As a parent, this is a perfect destination for your kid as a birthday gift or an outstanding performance in school.

4. Enashipai Resort and Spa

Located in Naivasha, Nakuru County, Enashipai Resort and Spa is a ‘finger-licking spot for families.

The resort’s blend of hospitality and various activities makes it a top and ideal destination for a family.

Activities to engage in include biking, boat riding, bird watching, and a playground for children.

5. Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Ol Donyo Sabuk lies about 53 miles Northeast of Nairobi city. The entry charges are affordable, making it an ideal place to try out as a family

The park boasts of over 40 bird species, different animals, and a rich and thick forest cover. During the hike, the family will enjoy a picturesque view of the landscape below and visit Macmillan’s gravesite.

For safety reasons, you may need to book an armed tour guide.

6. Lake Bogoria springs

The lake gives you an exciting and unforgettable experience. Baringo County hosts this lake located about 155 miles from Nairobi city.

The lake is a habitat to the lesser flamingo species, which paint the lake pink. The attractions are the geysers, hot springs. The nearby resorts and spas add to the allure.

The lake’s size makes it a perfect nature walk destination for families.

7. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

What a fantastic, family-friendly destination located on Lake Victoria’s shores in Kisumu County!

The sanctuary is the home to the Sitatunga antelope, among other animals.

Your family will enjoy a thrilling glass-bottomed boat ride and leisure walks. Other amenities to enjoy include sunset watching, game and bird watching, and camping.


The above list is a foretaste of many more family getaways in Kenya.

Let us know your experience on these destinations or others by leaving a comment below.


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