5 fun things to do in Lamu

Are you thinking of where else to visit along the Kenyan coast apart from the usual Diani? Lamu is a great catch! From snorkeling to boat rides, you can’t exhaust the list of fun things to do in Lamu.  

Lamu Island boasts of retaining ancient settlements of the Swahili tradition over the years.

It is a perfect destination for those looking for a calm, discrete, serene, and historic vibe. With unique relaxing spots, tasty foods, and the ocean breeze, there is only so much you can do during your visit.

Wondering about what to do on this beautiful island? Here is a quick list of some of the best fun things to do in Lamu:

1. Explore Lamu Old Town

Take a walk around the town pavements as you enjoy the beautiful ancient Swahili buildings. Walking is a norm in Lamu Old Town; brace yourself to lose some calories while exploring the town. The town doesn’t have public transport cars, as the mode of transport used is donkey rides and a few motorbikes.

Stroll the streets and indulge in delicious Swahili dishes and if lucky to be there on a Friday, try out the famous Biryani dish.

Lamu street - fun things to do

Visit the food market and learn a bit about the variety of colorful spices. Check out handmade crafted furniture, paintings, baskets, and jewelry. What’s a trip with no souvenir to reminisce? Add up your souvenir collection by buying a custom-made reed hat from the locals. Also, for the ladies, flaunt your beauty by getting henna painting on your hands.

2. Visit Shela Village

Shela is famed for its pristine beaches and dunes. If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation while in Lamu, Shela village is ideal. Many high-end restaurants to sample, and the less crowded atmosphere makes it a perfect honeymoon spot in Kenya.

Shela - fun things to doTake walks along the long stretch beaches as you enjoy the sand in feet experience. To get to Shela from Lamu, you can opt for a 15minutes boat ride or a 45mintes walk along the beach.

If you are enthusiastic about yoga, participate in the annual Lamu Yoga Festival and get to interact with great trainers.

3. Venture into Manda Island

Lamu is an archipelago thus hosts several islands. Manda Island is linked to Lamu by ferry and hosts Manda Airport. Waterboarding and kayaking are some of the fun things to do during your stay.

If you are a photophile, you will be head over hills with Manda. Manda Island has picturesque views of palm-lined trees and a vast stretch of white sand, thus producing breathtaking photos. Visit Takwa ruins which is a major attraction of the island. Takwa has remains of a town abandoned in the 18th century, and locals visit the ruins to pray for rain.

4. Experience Kiunga Marine National Reserve

One of the essential fun things to do in Lamu is cruising by dhow or speedboat as a transport mode. Getting to Kiunga Marine National Reserve, located in Kiwayu Island, is not an exception. The Marine Reserve boasts of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and rich mangrove species.

Kiunga Marine thrives on the conservation of critical ecosystems. For instance, it is the largest feeding and breeding ground of at least five species of turtles. While at the reserve, enjoy watching migratory birds, sea urchins, and sea stars. Also, Kiunga Marine is home to the rare Dugong fish; you don’t want to miss the experience of viewing the marine mammal!

5. Plan your trip around a festival

Lamu residents value cultural festivities; thus, many events in the region. One of the attractive festivities is the annual Maulidi fiesta that holds the famous donkey racing event. Besides being a mode of transport, donkeys participate in races to entertain locals and guests during the festivities.

Dhow races and Lamu cultural festivals are also among fun things to do on your next trip.

Parting Shot

While there are many other fun things to do in Lamu, these five stand out, in my opinion. All in all, there are numerous destinations to explore in this beautiful country.


May 17, 2023
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