5 exciting things to do during a road trip

Is there a better pastime activity than taking a road trip with your friends? Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the road to a faraway destination. There are many exciting things to do during a road trip. You can’t go wrong with whichever activity you pick, as each of them distracts the mind and helps curb boredom.

Since road trips are about exploring and making lifetime memories, here are five exciting things to do during a road trip.

1. Listen to music

Is it a road trip without music? Ensure your car has good speakers and you have multiple playlists to last you the whole trip. You can’t go wrong with different genre songs as this will accommodate most if not everyone on the trip.

Spice things up by introducing car karaoke as it is among exciting things to do during a road trip. Take turns with your buddies to sing along, laugh at the croaked voices and misinterpreted lyrics. Music boosts energy levels during a road trip; you will hardly notice the time pass by.

car stereo - exciting things to do during a road trip2. Go Camping

Depending on time and budget, you may decide to take a road trip that lasts several days or weeks. Considering accommodation in fantastic campsites instead of hotels is an exciting thing to do during a road trip. Camping is fun and way cheaper compared to motels, thus a win-win for you.

Ensure to pack proper camping gear and carry your camping spirit with you. Telling stories and reflecting on the day’s road trip activities around a bonfire is a memory worth remembering. You can also play games, view stars, and dance around the fire.

3. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Do you find listening to music over a long period exhausting? Switch up with audiobooks and podcasts. Reading is a favorite pastime for most people; however, reading a physical book at night can be a challenge.

Also, reading e-books for a long time can be strenuous for your eyes. Stocking up on engaging audiobooks and picking up on titles everyone is comfortable with keeps passengers occupied.

Podcasts are an everyday pastime activity these days, and they are ideal for quiet moments in the car. You can pick on exciting topics, listen, then maybe later give insights on the same.

4. Eat road trip food and snacks

One of the most exciting things to do during a road trip is indulging in tasty treats. A road trip is never complete without biting’s. A hungry man is an angry man, and there’s nothing worse than hungry passengers. They are fussy and create a dull atmosphere for the entire trip.

Pack enough snacks to keep you occupied and boost your energy levels. You could also pack some healthy food for a terrific picnic. A picnic will not only increase your bonding time but will also save on cost.

If you are a food explorer, road trips are your favorite as you get to try out different food joints. Trying other foods is an exciting thing to do with friends. You can do food joints research before the trip and list down those that interest you. Then try them out and come up with a list of your favorites.

5. Document your road trip

In this era of advanced technology, documenting trips via vlogs is ordinary, especially with young people. Taking photos and videos during your road trip is an excellent way to reminisce on the good moments shared. You can earn some extra coins, too, if you decide to upload the vlog on YouTube.

Documenting is among the exciting things to do during a road trip as it keeps you and your friends engaged. Everyone is eager to identify eye-catching spots to be caught on camera or video.

Your driver will appreciate the stopovers as you take photos as it gives him time to rest.


Long road trips can be boring for most people. We hope this list of exciting things to do during a road trip helps you make the best out of your next trip.


April 11, 2023
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