11 best dining places to go on a date in Nairobi

Nairobi’s fine dining scene is a blend of cutting-edge, global culinary talent and diverse culture. We can sometimes have difficulty deciding on the ideal location for a date. It’s only right to take your partner to an upscale restaurant with excellent customer service and high-quality food.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an intimate environment with nothing too much, too soon, too loud, or too hurried. Here’s a rundown of the nine remarkable dining places to go on a date in Nairobi.

1.Tamarind Tree Hotel

Tamarind Tree Hotel is conveniently situated only 5 kilometers southwest of Nairobi, neighboring Wilson Airport and Southern Bypass. Tamambo, the hotel’s flagship restaurant, serves exclusive international cuisine and has a comprehensive wine list. The perfect ambiance is created by fresh ingredients, live cuisine, and attentive service.

2.The Lord Erroll

The Lord Erroll provides guests with a nice selection of alfresco seating areas. Each overlooks a different facade with a beautifully ornate waterfall, streams, and ponds in its enchanting green gardens. The 1900s vintage-styled restaurant also has a cozy bar and a lovely patio. The presentation of all the dishes, the atmosphere, and the soft piano music make for a romantic dinner.

3.Tatu Restaurant

Tatu is an award-winning restaurant that serves sensational menus featuring the finest cuts of organic meats and fresh seafood. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for with a delectable selection of culinary dishes. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate various dining experiences, including intimate dining. 

The Chef’s table experience puts you in the front row with the enthralling culinary team. Modern dining enthusiasts will enjoy selecting their favorite dish from the menu.

4.Ankole Grill

The restaurant, named after the classic East African cattle breed, the Ankole Watusi, offers a one-of-a-kind African steakhouse experience. It is located on Galana Road in a quiet neighborhood, making it ideal for a romantic date. The grill offers a tasty menu with a variety of cuisines and nibbles. The setup is rather opulent and has an eclectic feel that can easily accommodate anyone and everyone.

5.Sikia Fine Dining

The experience at Sikia, located in Nairobi’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, is fine dining without the hassle. You’ll be paying for a lot more than just a plush tablecloth in a slick restaurant.

It offers a specially made lunch, dinner, and dessert menu and some classic dishes that seem to define an era. It also has a wide selection of hand-picked wines from around the world. The restaurant has a very warm atmosphere, perfect for a romantic date.

6.Mandhari restaurant

If you’re looking for a surprisingly tranquil niche in the heart of the city where you can treat your taste buds to an irresistible treat, look no further than the Mandhari Restaurant at The Nairobi Serena Hotel. The charming open-air terrace is the perfect place for lunch and a drink from the pre-cocktail lounge. Dine with a view of the pool and enjoy the welcome elegance and spacious dining. The charming outdoor terrace makes an ideal spot for a languid luncheon, while the pre-cocktail lounge sets the mood with a pre-dinner drink. Live music and renowned culinary excellence are the ideal locations for lunch or dinner at the Mandhari Restaurant.

7.Artcaffe (the Oval)

Artcaffé is an on-the-go bakery, coffee shop, and bar, complete with full service. Not only does the balmy outdoor setup have a stunning setting, but it also has an intimate setting that connects two or more guests.

 In a relaxed yet sophisticated environment, they offer fresh, delicious, and quality food consistently, making it one of the most welcoming cafes set up for a date. The cafe, which usually offers cocktails at night, is the starting pack for a lovely night. 

8.Mawimbi Seafood

Mawimbi is a fine-dining seafood restaurant on Kijabe Road, on the outskirts of the CBD. On the menu, there is plenty of meat and vegetarian options. Come soak up the sun and dine by the water as part of the true Mawimbi Experience.

9.Caramel Restaurant And Lounge

Caramel offers clients the opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with their loved ones, offering a young and advanced contemporary American restaurant. Located along Waiyaki way, it serves delicious food with flavourful decadent dishes. They offer fantastic services, and the waiting staff is charming and welcoming.

10.About Thyme Restaurant

Thyme restaurant serves imaginative, meticulously prepared, and beautifully presented dishes from all over the world.

It is a tranquil, leafy restaurant in Westlands. It’s a great place to take your significant other because you can reserve one of the hidden tables, which are outfitted with their hanging fairy lights, cushions, and lanterns.

11.Emerald Garden

The Thai restaurant is situated in Gigiri, just across from the UN headquarters. The menu includes appetizers, soups, grilled foods, salads, green curry, green curry, red curry, yellow curry, fish, crab, langoustines, prawns, beef, pork, vegetarians, noodles, desserts, wine, etc.

There is plenty of space for both indoor and outdoor dining. A bar and a patio with umbrellas and comfortable seating are available. The food is incredible, but it is complex, so plan to pay top-notch rates for top-notch service.

There are many other best dining places to go on a date in Nairobi. Be sure to check out our other lists of romantic spots in Kenya. Do let us know in the comments section below of your remarkable dining experience in Nairobi.


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